Current Projects

Our current projects include:

  • Chapel Hill Crash Model: The objective of this project is to use data science to understand and predict traffic related injuries in Chapel Hill. 
  • Park Facilities Usage Tracking: Collecting data about Chapel Hill’s recreational facilities is important yet cost-prohibitive. We are determining how to address this issue using low-cost hardware and open-source software.

Proposed Projects

  • Data Stories: This new project idea focuses on telling Town-relevant stories based around or showcasing the innovative use of data.
  • Array of Things Data: We will soon have access to data coming from Array of Things hardware (, which could be use to process and analyze a variety of environmental aspects.
  • Quality of Life Dashboard: Similar to the existing resources for Durham and Mecklenburg counties, the Town of Chapel Hill is looking to create a tool for presenting Quality of Life data.  

Got an idea for a future project?

Let us know through the form below, and we’ll include it in a future meeting’s window for pitches.