Current Projects

Our current projects include:

  • Park Facilities Usage Tracking: Collecting data about Chapel Hill’s recreational facilities is important yet cost-prohibitive. We are determining how to address this issue using low-cost hardware and open-source software.
  • Data Stories: This new project idea focuses on telling Town-relevant stories based around or showcasing the innovative use of data.
  • NC-COVID Support: With the spread of the coronavirus impacting our way of life, this project aims to create an interactive map that highlights open resources with details relevant to the needs of the community.

Proposed Projects

  • Array of Things Data: We will soon have access to data coming from Array of Things hardware (, which could be use to process and analyze a variety of environmental aspects.
  • Quality of Life Dashboard: Similar to the existing resources for Durham and Mecklenburg counties, the Town of Chapel Hill is looking to create a tool for presenting Quality of Life data.  

Got an idea for a future project?

Let us know through the form below, and we’ll include it in a future meeting’s window for pitches.